• The President will take, as far as is reasonably practicable, all steps within their power to meet this responsibility, paying particular attention to the provision and maintenance of: 
    1. A safe place of work, and safe access to it (and exit from it).
    2. A healthy working environment.
    3. Plant, equipment and working systems that is safe.
    4. Safe arrangements for the use, safe handling, storage and transport of machinery, equipment and substances.
    5. Sufficient information, instructions, training and supervision to enable all employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own safety and health at work.
  • To establish a safe environment throughout all sites of responsibility.
  • To establish and maintain safe working processes and procedures among staff.
  • To develop safety consciousness and training as a general objective.



The Health and Safety Policy recognizes that in order to fulfill our Mission we need to provide a healthy and safe environment.  Through this, we can provide an appropriate and safe physical environment enabling us to perform to the highest possible standards.