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Our VisionAt Payman Groups

To be the leading BISCUITS, POUFAK SALT, TOMATO PASTE, NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES and CHIPS distributor in Afghanistan.

Our vision is more than a statement. It is what we are about and what we aspire to. Our success will be the result of understanding our clients’ requirements and exceeding their expectations, innovating to meet their needs, and providing a dynamic and challenging work environment that presents opportunities for our employees.

Our MissionAt Payman Groups

Since 2015 M/s Peyman dairy and BISCUITS, POUFAK SALT, TOMATO PASTE, NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES and CHIPS product factory, we relentlessly pursue innovation and success, driven by the needs of our customers.

In fulfilling our mission in the interest of our internal and external stakeholders, a universal law of responsibility and ethical issue to arise on health, safety, and quality towards our services, employees, the society and the environment as a necessity to be successful for a long-term perspective. We believe there is no compromise towards quality but to assure quality always in hand at all times. The company aims to become the global benchmark for professionals in the sector.

Our AimAt Payman Groups

In order to promote a healthy and safe environment, due consideration must be given to the welfare of staff and visitors, of the plant and equipment and machinery. This policy shall apply to all employees and site visitors.

ValuesAt Payman Groups

We are spirited, proactive people who excel as a team

We believe in the leadership that guides and inspires

We have a shared focus on company growth

We do everything it takes to exceed our customers’ expectations

Above all, we act with integrity, social responsibility, and respect.



Friendly Communication




Mr. Sakhi Ahmad Payman

About Us

Payman group food production is the first and largest production company in Afghanistan established by Mr. Sakhi Ahnmd Payman on 2015 and registered with (Afghanistan ministry of commerce and industries) under license No D-30444 which product dairy products with high qualities and standards and distributes it in all around Afghanistan. Payman group food company provided jobs for more than 7000 people who busy in product, distribution, transportation, administrative needed and, Payman group hope to provided dairy product to all neighbors country and self-sufficient Afghanistan about dairy product soon in future and export our product to another nearby county to bring and open the new page of economic growth in Afghanistan.




We firmly believe that  Payman group never compromised on the quality of its product and will never tarnish the trust and confidence of our people, which they bestowed through approval of the product to the greater extent.

We believe that through our utmost efforts Payman will come up to the great expectation of the people and the product will find its place as a family item in their houses and Payman will find itself proud to see its product loved by every walks and strata of life.

I hope that through our efforts which we have taken as mission and adventure to develop a unique taste of our product will be complemented by the people of Afghanistan.

1. The President will take, as far as is reasonably practicable, all steps within their power to meet this responsibility, paying particular attention to the provision and maintenance of:

  1. A safe place of work, and safe access to it (and exit from it).
  2. A healthy working environment.
  3. Plant, equipment and working systems that are safe.
  4. Safe arrangements for the use, safe handling, storage and transport of machinery, equipment and substances.
  5. Sufficient information, instructions, training and supervision to enable all employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own safety and health at work.

2. To establish a safe environment throughout all sites of responsibility.

3. To establish and maintain safe working processes and procedures among staff.

4. To develop safety consciousness and training as a general objective.

M/s Payman is registered with Afghanistan Investment support agency (ministry of commerce) government of Afghanistan and is operating with in the parameter of law by following international health practices for food.

Our Partners